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We offer private lessons, group lessons, dance lessons at festivals, private events, schools, weddings, and so much more just ask! 

Or if you would like to learn to dance the polka in the comfort of your own home, we offer a Polka Instructional DVD.

Experience the fun of the polka and learn to dance like a pro on our dancing DVD!  We will teach you the basics and some intermediate moves. 

In the beginning, we will show you the basic step, the hop, practice dance hold, and turns.  In the intermediate section we will show you lead/follow turns, cradle, and cradle with roll out.  Also included are tips and tricks to help give you a professional style.

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To Order, please click on the form below, fill in the information and send to: 2537 Hwy H, Kewaskum, WI  53040 with a check or money order.  Please allow 3 weeks for delivery.