The polka dancers



When some think of the polka one may think of an older couple dancing around the floor in their retirement years.  When people think of Randy and Ashley Thull they think of a young couple that glides around the floor.  We combine polka, ballroom, swing, and country to create an exciting and professional style that goes beyond just your normal polka.  Randy and Ashley both began dancing as youngsters as they were learning to walk.  As a couple, we've been dancing together for twelve years.  We share this site with you to share the talent of dance that has been given to us.  If that's not enough, keep your eye's out for our kids, Ryan, Ashlyn, Angelena, & Reeve!  They are learning too!  Hope to see you out on the dance floor!


‚ÄčWest Bend German Fest

Enjoy FREE dance lessons at the West Bend German Fest at 2 pm. 
Downtown West Bend, WI.   Friday & Saturday, August 25th & 26th.  Visit West Bend German Fest for updates & more information!

Oregon's Alpenfest - Joseph, OR

Enjoy FREE dance lessons at Joseph Oregon's Alpenfest.  After dance lessons enjoy the day dancing at the festival (Admission Required).  We will be teaching waltz and polka lessons this year.  Festival starts Thursday, Sept 28th and goes until Sunday, October 1st.  Send us an email if you are interested in being apart of a Bus Trip from Portland, OR to Joseph, OR.  Visit Oregon's Alpenfest website for further information and updates!

Mollie B's Branson-Style Christmas Show - Reedsburg, WI 

2:00 & 7:00 show 

Enjoy a full Christmas Show with musicians, dancers, guest musicians, costumes/dresses, sing-a-longs, and lots of Holiday Cheer.  Location: CAL Center, Reedsburg High School, 501 K Street, Reedsburg, WI 53959.  Performers include Jeff Heinz, Chad Busta, John Wudtke, Gary Brueggen, Brian Seehafer, Mollie B, the Randy Thull Family, Mary Lou & Jim Busta, and more.  You will also get to enjoy joyful children as they brighten up the stage as they dance and sing.

2018 Polka In Paradise Cruise w/Jimmy Sturr and Mollie B - We will be joining Mollie B & Jimmy Sturr in 2018 for the Polka In Paradise Cruise.  Join us for this great adventure January 27 - Feb 3, 2018.  See Mollie B website for updates & information.